“Fine experience”

What a fine experience it has been to engage Kathy Barry of Home Life Interiors for our West Michigan kitchen remodel.

Kathy took a cramped, dark space and has changed it into a conveniently arranged, beautifully white, practical and even glamorous working kitchen for our home. And throughout the process, she took into account not only our needs but also our taste.

She introduced us to trustworthy, talented local suppliers of cabinets and fixtures – everything we needed.

When we started our project, our kitchen was so cramped, and we had too many ideas for fixing it; bringing Kathy in helped us resolve what would be both practical and attractive, and she broadened our vision for our new home by redesigning the wall surrounding our family room fireplace.

By stripping out the anxiety from our design process, Kathy eased the entire remodeling project, bringing us peace in the mayhem of remodeling.

Now that we’ve been living with the results for a few months, our gratitude to Kathy just grows.

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