What are our clients saying?

What a fine experience it has been to engage Kathy Barry of Home Life Interiors for our West Michigan kitchen remodel.

Kathy took a cramped, dark space and has changed it into a conveniently arranged, beautifully white, practical and even glamorous working kitchen for our home. And throughout the process, she took into account not only our needs but also our taste.

She introduced us to trustworthy, talented local suppliers of cabinets and fixtures – everything we needed.

When we started our project, our kitchen was so cramped, and we had too many ideas for fixing it; bringing Kathy in helped us resolve what would be both practical and attractive, and she broadened our vision for our new home by redesigning the wall surrounding our family room fireplace.

By stripping out the anxiety from our design process, Kathy eased the entire remodeling project, bringing us peace in the mayhem of remodeling.

Now that we’ve been living with the results for a few months, our gratitude to Kathy just grows.

I am so pleased with your ideas and how they all pulled together and coordinated. It feels like it has been a long road traveled, but very well worth it. Couldn’t have done it without your expertise!

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Kathy Barry, owner of Home Life Interiors. I have had the opportunity to use Kathy on several projects (both large and small) over the last three years and find her to be extremely professional, creative and above all, helpful.

We are enjoying our beautiful kitchen. It is even fun to wash the sinks!
We appreciate all you have done for us very much. It was an eye-opener to see all the coordination that was necessary and you carried it out effortlessly. Gary and I commented on the fine people that did work with us. Everyone was professional, patient and friendly.

I highly recommend Kathy Barry and Home Life Interiors for residential and commercial construction and remodeling needs. I began working with Kathy on the decor of the new building for the Home & Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids in 2003, with completion in 2005. It was stunning and received lots of accolades. In late 2009, Kathy worked with me on my kitchen remodel at my home. It turned out awesome and was quite affordable. I recommend Kathy Barry to you!

It is amazing to have a space worthy of being photographed. You did good… We absolutely love the space. Two more families are touring it this afternoon…

The place looks great. I must say that you have done an exceptional job of designing and managing this project. Great thought process, follow through and execution. Thanks for all your efforts.

Scott and Paul are wonderful workers, both concerned about quality and a job well done (not the quick and fast way). You’ve assembled a fabulous team! …Everything has been so great, Kathy. Your work in coordinating it all has been exemplary. Many thanks.

…I sincerely appreciate you and what you did to my home. I love it!!!!… You have turned my house into a home….. Many, many thanks…

Kathy is easy to work with, has great ideas, but also incorporates the client’s (my) ideas

I like best that you are always so in tune with my likes and dislikes and my budget!  You help to make my house reflect me.

Having expert advice – increased my confidence regarding how the house looks.

The knowledge you have to share and the quality of people you recommend to do the work.

I like your willingness to answer questions and look at various options as well as make helpful suggestions.  Also your attention to detail.  The installers were great!

Unique and different window treatments…

I am very happy with my kitchen.  You were a tremendous help with colors and shopping.

You always want just the right thing no matter how long it takes.

I love how the whole house is coordinated.

Thanks Kathy… It has been great working with you. You did an OUTSTANDING job… definitely a showcase!!

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