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November 5th, 2013 by ifi-admin

Budgets are key to any project but often cause concern. People often fear telling a designer their budget because they fear she will “spend it all.”  Actually, that is probably true, we will.   A designer’s job is to know the client’s budget and do as much as she/he can with that budget.

If a client tells me they have $40,000 for a room, I’m going to use every cent of that $40,000 to get them the best quality they can afford.  Similarly, if a client has $20,000 for a room, I’m going to use all of it, too, so that they can have the best they can afford.  Is the client who spent $20,000 getting the same thing the client who spent $40,000 is?  No, definitely not.

Good looking design can be had in several different price points, but because you really do get what you pay for, you will most likely find yourself replacing a lower cost sofa, for example, in the very near future. A good quality, classic, sofa might last 25 years or more with reupholstery. Long term, it usually pays to get better quality. And the overall look on the higher end is more detailed, refined, and higher quality.


Pottery Barn


2 Chairs25026004400
Area rug35020005000
Coffee table1007501500
3 Occasional tables10012003000
2 table lamps100300900
2 floor lamps806001500
4 curtain panels1004001800
Curtain hardware1007501000
Light fixture503501000
Throw pillows125500800
Art and accessories10030005000
Ship/del, paint, elec., design fee, etc.000

If your budget is less than the quality you want to strive for, we can do a master plan so you can purchase your items over a period of time and in the end, have exactly what you have dreamed of!

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