Working with a Designer

February 9th, 2016 by Kathy Barry

Have you ever worked with an interior designer?  If so, you know how valuable a resource they can be!  Saving you money in making sure everything is well planned for your home with no mistakes!  And saving you the hassle of researching sources for just the right item!


But how do you get started?  Will, first you need that one special item that you love to build off from.  It might be a favorite set of dishes.  Or a painting, or it might be a fabric on a chair that speaks to you.  Starting from scratch with nothing to work with?  Then, make a trip to your local bookstore and purchase a few design magazines.  Or visit Pinterest or Houzz and start saving pages you love.  Make a file of both rooms you love, as well as those you hate.  A good designer will be able to see common features in each to build in and to avoid.


It always helps to do a space plan of the room on paper first.  Then you can see immediately if the sofa you just fell in love with will work in your space or will look like an elephant in your room.  Understanding scale and using proper proportion is key to a room that works.  If you love to entertain and need seating for large groups, smaller scale furniture offers flexibility that larger, more cumbersome pieces don’t.  No one likes to sit in the middle seat of the sofa!.  So possibly a pair of loveseats is a better solution.  Bur you won’t know until you have a scale drawing of your space.


My motto of “Love Your Home” is one I take seriously and aim for in each project.  Let me help you make your home one you love!

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