Love my kitchen!

November 1st, 2014 by Kathy Barry

I recently completed some kitchen renovations in my own home.  I have a fairly typical home built in the 1980’s.  2 very common elements of that period are upper cabinets above a peninsula and a kitchen desk.  We were continually hitting our heads on the upper cabinets as well as having to duck down to see around them.  But I needed the storage they provided so couldn’t just take them out.  A kitchen desk sounds like a great organizational tool but the reality is that it just became a dumping ground for mail and various other stuff as these photos show.20141001_151646                              20141001_151801

Also typical of that generation are bulkheads.  I have to admit I am not a fan of not having any bulkheads above the upper cabinets because of the dust that collects there, however, having the cabinets go to the ceiling is the perfect solution.

The project included: removing the upper cabinets and bulkhead above the peninsula, adding pendant lighting above the peninsula, adding can lights to kitchen ceiling, removing the cabinets and bulkhead along the refrigerator wall and replacing an existing pantry as well as adding a larger pantry in place of the desk and adding a new refrigerator with door panels and cabinet surround.  I left the perimeter cabinets, stone and glass backsplash, and solid surface countertops in place.  I specified a painted and glazed finish to complement the existing cherry cabinet finish, without matching it for added drama and interest, creating a feature wall.  I also replaced a worn wood floor with a prefinished, stained, Asian Walnut.

20141030_181817                        20141030_181730                        DSCF3655


By working with my existing cabinets, I was able to update and better utilize the space but saved money by not doing a full kitchen remodel.  One of my personal goals in any space is to use whatever existing furnishings are useable and available.  And this was no exception. Inside the larger pantry are deep rollouts for cookbooks as well as desk paraphernalia.


Now I can say, along with my clients, that I “love my home!”

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