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October 9th, 2013 by ifi-admin

What is involved in hiring an interior designer? Every designer runs their business in their own way. Some designers charge a flat fee based on the size of the project or a price per square foot. Some designers charge a “cost plus” based on their cost of the merchandise and add a percentage for their fee. I have always felt that I wanted to keep my fees as low as possible so I could afford myself!

Some of my clients hire me as a consultant and pay me per hour (my current rate is $95 per hour). I can work on a space plan, make selections for finishes and materials, select paint colors, flooring, furniture, and whatever else is needed. The client then uses my suggestions and purchases their own materials and contracts to have the work done on their own. I can shop with you, using your preferred venues, if you would like, at my hourly rate. My hours will be billed monthly.

I do not charge an additional hourly rate for home furnishing products that are purchased through Home Life Interiors. For example, if you choose to re-carpet your home and use my recommended materials and installer, your cost is the price of the materials and installation, without an additional hourly rate. My price is comparable to a retail store.

I have a team of contractors that I know and trust to do excellent work for me, such as a painter, tile setter, drapery hanger, electrician, etc. I often function as a project manager as well as designer, and will set up the renovation schedules and make sure your project is finished in a timely manner and with attention to budget. I do whatever I can to remove the stress of a remodeling project from your shoulders by making sure materials are ordered when needed and available to keep things progressing.

All my contractors carry their own liability insurance, as I do myself. I often hear from my clients how much they appreciate the quality and considerate nature of my contractors. They truly are a pleasure to work with!

My remodeler is a licensed builder and experienced in both new construction and existing renovations. On large renovation projects, I often find it is easier to charge a project management fee of 5% to cover my oversight of a construction project when I am not actually selling product. I am on site as frequently as needed to discuss issues that might come up and tracking actual hours can become cumbersome.

For a kitchen remodel, I work with several kitchen designers in town to design the perfect space for you! Over the years, I have found that sometimes kitchen designers have a somewhat myopic view of their part of the project and don’t always consider the space plan for the overall space. Having an interior designer who works at coordinating the entire area often results in a more cohesive finished project. My goal in any remodeling project is for the new area to look like it was always part of the home, but fresh and perfectly designed. We don’t want anything to stick out as “new.”

My goal for any project is for my clients to “Love Your Home.” And I work hard at making sure this goal is achieved!

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